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Gumroad is my store host for BrownPot.
It gives you the privilege of shopping from the comforts
of your home, a cozy cafe or elsewhere. I am glad to have found
it with the wish that you too find pleasure in
discovering my creations at Gumroad.


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T W E N T Y  S I X T E E N

This year marks new beginnings for me—a start of another journey that is much part of the evolution of my new media art that was launched years back and since then continued to gain various audiences.

The BrownPot blog project and store under my atelier BrownPot Art Hut (BPAH) is a dream and a godsend opportunity that came with tedious work and sacrifices. It was a challenge; however such the kind that leads to fun-filled discoveries so desired to be kept alive and rolling: from finding the right venues where I can reach out to more people to picking the right quality organic shirt to print my designs on. My requirements list is long, and the good news is, things are doable. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and brilliant minds with big hearts behind it who took pains to know the needs of independent artists and designers—and had courage to pioneer platforms that answer to the gap between creating and selling designs that are far from the run-of-the-mill type.

My search and study on virtual stores took years, but is well worth it.

Any artist would agree that the best place to spend time is on the drawing board or where one shares his or her talents. Again, huge gratitude to the pioneering industry that provides more time for independent artists to create as it lessens areas for unnecessary heartaches. Revolutionary as it is, their platforms are appropriate to the mindset artists have. They bring to light how many artists and designers positively contribute to society and how admired they are by a market that put value in what they do.


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The BrownPot store at Gumroad is temporarily closed.
Meanwhile, please join the BrownPot registry to be updated
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