Boundless Exhibit opens

‌BOUNDLESS marks the first new media art exhibition of Maria Remedios Olivares at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The exhibit title refers to her works as token of the ever-repeating patterns found in nature and the cosmos. Presented in fourteen artworks is the artist’s exploration on fractal art as

Flower Power

Flowers have always been my symbol of abundance. It is also my depiction of the mysterious and seductive call of creation; from which, countless ideas are born.


In remembrance of those who have lost their lives or loved ones to cancer.

Enigma of Flower

Nothing comes close to such eternal adulation by Pablo Neruda’s Enigma of Flower. My Estrallado Collection sings in praise.


EDEN by Marleena Litton, 2012  


What is winter to you, you who finds comfort only in summer? A long wait: You, who I come for is my evidence —


PINAGMULAN EXHIBIT Welcome Note • Artists Collective Statement 7 August 2016 Art Circle Cafe Makati [Salutations] Vice President, Leni Robredo: On behalf of my co-exhibitors and artists: Lakan Olivares, fashion designer, Twinkle Ferraren, performing artist, Joey Ayala, and our curator and host, Kitten Alcantara, I welcome You to the Pinagmulan

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