Marleena is a designer-graphiste, an exhibiting artist, and curator.
She designs workshops and activities that link eastern
and aboriginal themes to contemporary settings.
Her interests: books, dance, music, mixed martial arts
nature trips, and all things kawaii.


New Media Art, Design, and Innovation

Marleena Litton takes huge interest in new media art and started taking diligent steps in creating fractal artworks in 2012. Having been into the interdisciplinary arts since the tender age of 5, she has grown to express herself through artistic means from which a profound appreciation for lifelong learning was cultivated. It is through her experiences as a dancer and visual artist that she found value for both traditional and nontraditional approaches—not only in design, but also in sharing knowledge to others.

Social Artistry: From Self to Community Engagement

Experiences of Marleena Litton in community work started way before entering a creative profession. Her engagement in developmental work however deepened when she took her Fine Arts and Visual Communications studies at the University of the Philippines where she became member of the university’s mountaineering organization. Environmental preservation became an advocacy then, and in 1999, she started working on two major causes: children’s rights and environmental protection which led her to publish Earthian Magazine® which also served as springboard towards her independent research on Philippine indigenous culture and traditions.

While working on child protection and young people’s participation initiatives, her motivations intensified as she witnessed the impact of art as tool for therapy, communication, and in enhancing methods of learning. These gave birth to her designing workshop contents for Mandala for ME™ among other workshops she has given.

Today, Marleena continues to contribute to social transformation through shows, consultancy work, and mentoring from which she continually learns while influencing others through her artistic and creative processes.

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