Flower Power

Estrellado 1 Medge Olivares

Flowers have always been my symbol of abundance. It is also my depiction of the mysterious and seductive call of creation; from which, countless ideas are born. Breathing into them, these ideas in turn, manifest as depictions of another. It is from this process that I experience prosperity most. And it comes with no surprise, that my engagement with it, brings me the best moments wherein I feel most alive.

Pablo Neruda’s Enigma of Flower evoked the very mystery I, too, attempted to comprehend about life. As tribute to such musings and toil in expressing what I say is: truly-beyond-words, I created Estrellado—a selection from my body of fractal artworks that falls closest to the category of floral motifs.

Estrallado (Spanish for ‘radial’) intends to convey the vibrant colors of hibiscus and peach blossoms; the wildness found in fragile orchids, and the sacred beauty of lilies in bloom. The Estrellado catalog is a work in progress, for like Nature, pollination too, is ongoing in my virtual garden.

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