By Marleena Litton

I am suffering,
in sorrow, deprived and aching
When autumn plucked the last leaf,
I died under its feet —
And there I was,
lifeless and unforgiving.

Is it true that I shall be reborn
in that region where all is one?
Will I still dance with you,
Burn with you among the embers
where there is no sun?

Mothers or fathers soon to die
New orphans will cry,
While stars give way
to children of the sky.

Now that it is time,
How do I let you go?
Let me know —
Will we remember?
Will I forget?
Will I be reborn among the colors
with no regret?

You will go
It will show,
I know.

When autumn plucks the last leaf
I will die under its feet
It is seen —
There you are, with me
like you’ve always been.


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